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Causing anger, shame, resentment, sleep issues, ptsd, panick attacks, ocd, ibs, low self esteeem and confidence issues, relationship problems or more…


If you feel that you are living under a black cloud that won’t lift or you have an issue that is impacting on your life, don’t wait -please contact me! I can help you.


Smoking, weight/food addiction, phobias, anger issues, bereavement, ibs,  cancer,  and others? Contact me for a free no obligation chat about your issue and I will explain how hypnotherapy and emdr can work for you.

Do not suffer in silence...Help is within your reach.

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About me

Hazel Eagles DCH mGHR CNHC Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist

I am a registered and accredited member of GHR. I am a member of the ASSOCIATION of the
INSTITUTE OF CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPISTS and a member of CNHC which provides a register of accredited
clinical hypnotherapists for consultants and doctors to refer their patients for specialist treatment.
I am trained in the use of CBT NLP mindfulness and EMDR which I use alongside hypnotherapy to enhance therapeutic results.
I have a dedicated hypnotherapy office ensuring privacy for your issue to be resolved.
I am a dedicated, focused and passionate clinical hypnotherapist and trained for
my diploma with one of the UK's leading hypnotherapy colleges ICH CLINICAL HYPNOSIS TRAINING.
They are accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council The Hypnotherapy Association
and National Hypnotherapy society and are also a member of the UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations.

ghr registered
patient and doctor
ghsc accretited


Anger Management
Anxiety and Panick Attacks

If you suffer any guilt or resentment towards a deceased loved one or you are having difficulty coming to terms with their death I can help.


This hugely impacts on peoples lives with many side effects as well as the main traumatic event. Talk to me and I will explain how hypnotherapy helps.


This can be embarrassing and can really affect confidence levels, I can help.


Hypnosis can help with the side effects such as anxiety, pain, fatigue and psychoneuroimmunology.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I will help you take back control of your life with effective techniques that really work.


This issue can seriously impact on all areas of a persons life. If you are being bullied either in the work place, at home or in school I can help give you your self esteem and confidence back, remove the negative emotion and help you move forward back to a normal life. The results are amazing.


Do every day things seem like a huge challenge? Can you not see the light at the end of the tunnel, I will help you lift that black cloud and take back control.

Fear/ Phobia
Healthy Eating/ Weight Loss

Have you tried most methods of loosing weight but always ended up back to old habits? I can help you address this by re-programming your mind so you reach for the rights foods at the right times.After re programming your mind...to overcome emotional attachment and address your own personal issues to food. I will give you back control over what you eat.


Do you have difficulty going to sleep or staying asleep? Do you find it hard to switch off? Hypnosis can help you resolve your sleeping issues.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Hypnosis significantly helps eliminate symptoms and is recognised by the NHS as an effective treatment.

Nail Biting

No matter how long you have been biting your nails I can help you stop normally with one session.


Is your life blighted with an irrational fear, this is very common I can help you eradicate the fear from your life.


Know you should be doing it but just can not focus? Hypnotherapy can help you.


Hypnosis gets to the root cause to help you overcome your issues. I will remove the barrier that stops you from living your life to the full.

Public Speaking

Feeling comfortable, confident and positive is essential in business. Hypnotherapy can do that for you.


Hypnosis can help break old behaviour patterns and release you from the past and give you the confidence to move forward.

Sports Performance
Stop Smoking
Sugar Addiction

By using direct suggestion and aversion techniques I can help eliminate your desire for sugary foods, you just won’t want them.

Trauma/ PSTD

This seriously impacts on peoples lives with many side effects as well as the main traumatic event, I can help with all of this.

Stuttering/ Stammering

Are you fed up with this embarrassing issue? Let me help you address your confidence issues and resolve the stutter.

Weight Loss

We offer specialist gastric band or stomach shrinking technology. Emotional eating drivers need to be addressed first as well as cravings reduced and self esteem boost needed before stomach shrinking or hypno gastric band can be applied for success. I recommend 4 to 6 sessions for successful weight loss with a further follow up 4 weeks later at the clients discretion.

Hypnotherapy Q&A


Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that is best described as an altered state of consciousness. It is entered into frequently in everyday life without realising it.

We might absorb ourselves in reading or watching television or simply daydreaming. In this state our brains slow from beta, the normal alert mind state to alpha where our breathing slows as we relax more and more. In this state you remain conscious and aware of all the sounds as life goes on around you but you are very relaxed and comfortable.

At this point your hypnotherapist will use techniques to help make the positive changes you have discussed earlier in the session.


Yes. You are in control at all times. You could open your eyes or stand up at any time.


Certain people with mental illnesses and psychotic conditions can not be hypnotised. Most other people can be. Resistance stops clients going into a trance usually because of fear of the unknown.

Once the client realises they are perfectly safe trance state can be achieved easily.  


For most people they experience a deeply relaxed state. They might feel tingling sensations in parts of their body or heavy limbs or floating sensations. Most people are overwhelmed or delighted at the level of relaxation they have achieved. 

At this point your hypnotherapist will use techniques to help make the positive changes you have discussed earlier in the session.

Clients report to have felt extremely relaxed and have an extreme sense of well being. The client normally feels positive and confident and depending on the issue they could feel like a cloud has been lifted or determined and confident in their ability to break free from their bad habit.


No. You will not do anything you deem unacceptable, nor would you disclose any private information you think inappropriate or irrelevant.

We all have a value system which regulates our accepted patterns of behaviour. This was put in place in the first 10 years of our lives.  


Your session will involve taking a full history from you and information about how your issue is affecting your life and those around you. Different techniques will be used to find out exactly what kind of help the client needs.

Hypnosis will be explained and a therapy plan will be discussed and then your hypnosis will begin. This will relax your body and mind to a level where work can begin to make positive changes to your life for your benefit. These changes could be immediate or occur over a number of sessions depending on the problem. These positive changes made directly to your subconscious mind should leave you feeling confident and uplifted and depending on the issue enable you to move forward in your life as if you did not have a problem in the first place.



    " This helped me resolve some issues. Thank you."


    " I had problems at work which was not my fault but really lost my confidence as I was the one that was moved offices. I was also a very messy person. You could not move on my bedroom floor for clothes etc. After my treatment I found myself taking my car to be cleaned and clearing out my boot. I then went straight home and cleaned and tidied my room! My confidence levels are back to normal now. I am a very satisfied customer."


    " My fear was ridiculous! I was pushed to do something about this when I had someone elses children staying at my house and they had to deal with the spider because I could not! I would cry and scream and laugh all at once because I knew it was irrational but I could not help it. The only way I can explain this is that it is as if I never had a fear in the first place."


    " I was sceptical that this was going to work as I had been biting my nails and the skin around them since I was 9 years old. My nails were sore and swollen and sometimes I had trouble sleeping at night because they hurt so much. One long session and I stopped completely."


    Id like to remain anonymous but would just like to say Hazel helped me overcome my issues with an abusive ex partner. I was feeling overwhelmed with anger and resentment and my anxious thoughts would turn over and over in my head with no end to them. I simply do not feel like that anymore! My whole thought process has changed. I am free to think what I want when I want. They are positive normal thoughts like planning a day or of my children or work. When I think about the abuser I feel nothing. It’s a great feeling, there is no more fear resentment or anger.


    I have tried a few other therapies but nothing helped me until I tried hypnotherapy. I felt comfortable talking things through with Hazel and the hypnosis relaxed me more then I think Iv ever been in my whole life. I can honestly say this saved my relationship. I can remain calm and listen to what is being said and I even calm my partner down with my new found calmness.


    Everything was going wrong in my life and I felt like I was at bursting point. A family member was totally out of control causing me to have panic attacks. I had two sessions of hypnotherapy and took recordings home. Part of the therapy was showing me in hypnosis how to deal with the anxiety as it welled up in me and how to deal with a panic attack if it led to that. I just seemed to do as I had been instructed. It was simply amazing.

Our Blog

By Hazel Eagles 29 Jan, 2017
Hello everyone!  As promised for my blog on my website www.mindhealinghypnotherapy.com  here is my first hypnosis self help technique which you can use to help yourself either between sessions, whilst waiting for your sessions to begin or to just help you take back a little control over how you are feeling.
Now hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that we all drift in and out of every day without even realising we are in a hypnotic state.  A typical example would be driving your car to work each day except its Saturday so you are going the supermarket instead....your conscious mind drifts off thinking about your shopping list when you suddenly realise you are half way to work!  Your unconscious mind has taken over as your conscious mind was busy thinking of other things and so it has taken you on your usual route to work that is has memorised.  This is a form of light trance.  The unconscious or subconscious mind (both the same thing) is responsible for many automatic body responses such as breathing or blinking as well as storing all your important memories with the emotions attached to them.  This can be the source of many troubles.  If an event was frightening in some way the unconscious mind will make a note of the fact that it was scary and so then give you the same reaction next time it finds a match when you are in a similar situation.  This leads to fear of flying, fear of heights, panic attacks, social anxiety, fear of public speaking or speaking in groups, fear of exams, fear of fear basically.  All forms of anxiety states are my speciality so if this describes something you are going through then please get in touch for one to one help.  
Ok so lets begin.....

Firstly you will need to make a mental list of positive statements you wish to use to help yourself once you are relaxed.  These need to be simple and in the present tense and begin with an "I am".  For example I am a non smoker,  I am drifting off to sleep easily,  I am good at speaking in groups,  I am confident I can do it easily.

Settle yourself somewhere comfortable where you can relax undisturbed.

Take some deep breaths, imagining breathing in peace and relaxation, hold it four four seconds and then breathe out, imagining you are breathing out all your stresses and worries.  (This action stimulates the vagus nerve which then releases a compound to slow the heart rate and breathing therefore aiding your relaxation.  Do this four to six times or until you feel your body responding.  Now continue to breathe steadily concentrating on the flow of your breath.

Push or roll your eye balls up into the top of your head as if looking at your forehead.  This is to get eye strain to tire the eyes.
Now use your imagination and see yourself stepping DOWN a staircase and add words to your thoughts such as I am drifting deeper down more and more ..relaxing more and more counting from one to ten.
Now use your positive statements repeating them at least ten times each.
Use positive statements only.  Use present tense.   "I AM happy and in control.  I CAN remember everything I have learnt and it will come naturally to me.  
Once finished you can either allow yourself to drift off to sleep if its that sort of time and you will wake naturally in the morning or you may want to come back into the room to continue with your day.  In which case tell yourself that you will open your eyes in a few moments feeling full of energy for your day ahead.  Count yourself up from five to one.  Open your eyes.
Well done! You have just completed your first self help technique.  Obviously if you need help with deeper seated issues then please contact me and I will talk you through the procedure.
By Blog Admin 25 Nov, 2016

We are fully aware of what we should and should not be eating In order to maintain optimum health but with todays busy life styles it has become ‘the norm’ to buy processed ready made meals and snack bars.

Our urge to seek out sugary foods is inbuilt from pre-historic times when food was eaten to survive.  Berries and fruits were gathered and regarded as a premium food source for high energy and laying down fat stores. These days sugar and other similar refined sweeteners are so readily available and humans are consuming far too much with severe consequences to our health.   Too much of the white stuff can lead to heart disease, cause memory problems, compromise kidney function leading to type 2 diabetes cause cirrhosis of the liver which is fat build up around the liver, sexual dis function as well as obesity which has become an epidemic. Lets not forget emotional eating which is another whole subject and dealt with very effectively with EMDR and hypnotherapy.

High levels of glucose in our blood streams causes stress on the heart and fructose (artificially sweetened food) lowers the levels of ‘good’ cholesterol causing increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

The overload of sugar in our systems pus a strain on our kidneys which could in turn lead to kidney failure. Too much of this highly addictive food could turn off the gene that regulates the level of testosterone and estrogen which are the two key hormones needed for sexual function. Obesity is linked to many diseases such as cancer osteoarthritis gout high blood pressure diabetes and of course heart disease and stroke.

So this food once so vital for survival has turned on us in modern times to become the enemy! Manufacturers hide it in our food in many forms of guise to make their products more appealing ensuring the consumer purchases their product over others.

How to avoid this pit fall? Eat like they did in the early 1900s.   Cook from scratch using meat/poultry/fish in its original form unchanged by modern processing and eat it with unprocessed vegetables! Hard to do with our modern busy lives but necessary to avoid killing ourselves sweetly.

Are you are struggling with sugar addiction?  Would you like to eliminate a particular sweet food or foods from your diet? Do you want to achieve weight loss but have tried every modern diet known to man only to find yourself swinging back to old habits. Are you an emotional eater? If so the root cause needs addressing first which is why you are failing. I can help. Have you tried most other ways bt still loop back to old habits? Try hypnotherapy.  At mindhealing hypnotherapy I have techniques that will help you switch your sugar craving off or switch off the ones you chose to do without.  I can help re programme your mind for controlled eating.  If you are an emotional eater I am trained In special techniques to bring about positive change to allow you to live your life the way you want to. My programmes are designed to help you get back the control. To find out more call me or message me on my website at www.mindhealinghypnotherapy.com



Treatment Sessions are £65.00 for one hour.
*please allow one hour and a half for first session.

This includes text consultation.
(With the exception of smoking cessation)


For a fast trauma anxiety release minimum 2 hours needed.

£85.00 per session


Smoking Cessation £250.00

This involves completing a questionaire prior to consultation. 
Read More


Price £400.00

This package offers 4 long sessions packed full of techniques and suggestions to get you back on your feet. 

You will be given recordings to further enhance the session between appointments along with self help techniques for improving the quality of your life and improve your health.


Single session £85.00

Single session gastric band £120.00

Package four sessions £320.00 with any additional sessions needed at £75.00
Cancellations less than 24 hours are chargeable at the full rate.

Look out for free self hypnosis and other self help techniques coming up on my blog page soon. Also look out for free download samplers and full session downloads on various issues such as panic attacks and weight loss help on this website as they become available. 
If you are interested please email me which subject from the treatment list you are considering and I will send details as soon as they become available.


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